Salt Security: API Security for Dummies (and Smart People Too!)

Salt Security: API Security for Dummies (and Smart People Too!)

API Security for Dummies walks you through how application architecture has evolved, why apps are built on APIs now, the security risk APIs present, and best practices for securing APIs.

This eBook:

  • Details API implementation and operational activities that factor into security, including documentation, testing, mediation, and integration.
  • Describes how attackers abuse the business logic of APIs and automate attacks to increase their likelihood of success or scope of damage.
  • Increases awareness around the OWASP API Security Top 10 and organizations' most common API security gaps.
  • Highlights the technological capabilities you need to secure APIs throughout their life cycle, with discovery, protection, and remediation.

Download this eBook to learn the most critical elements of API security and ten prioritized steps you can follow now to start securing APIs for your organization.

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