Safeguarding Confidential Patient Data

Safeguarding Confidential Patient Data Properly securing information technology (IT) infrastructure has never been more critical for organizations in the healthcare industry. Healthcare institutions, plan providers and life sciences organizations alike need to safeguard confidential corporate and patient data from internal and external threats, not only as a best practice, but also to meet ever-evolving regulatory compliance requirements such as the Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and PCI Data Security Standard (DSS).

A breach of protected health information (PHI) could result in enormous financial and legal ramifications, not to mention the potential negative impact on an organization's reputation.

Download this white paper to learn about the following best-practice IT security strategies and tactics:

  • Assessing your current security and compliance posture
  • Improving and hardening security across networks and applications
  • Enhancing identity and access management
  • Increasing data security
  • Addressing physical security requirements
  • Monitoring risk and compliance

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