A Modern Security Assessment Model that Breaks from Tradition

A Modern Security Assessment Model that Breaks from Tradition

Security professionals think in terms of risks and threats to ensure that the right security measures are deployed in the right places and to a proper degree. Security teams need an evaluation process to help them determine whether an object is under-protected or over-protected, but traditional security assessment methodologies that provide quantitative and qualitative analysis have serious shortfalls; it is hard to evaluate security relationships and they don't scale well to larger environments.

The Relational Security Assessment Model, developed by Rsam, takes care of both of these critical issues and more. This model defines a series of meaningful values and assigns those values to different objects, literally creating relationships between different threats and levels of risk.

Download this whitepaper which explains how the relational security assessment model enables organizations to:

  • Create policies that dictate how to handle objects of specific risk values;
  • Make the best security decisions possible in less time;
  • Reduce time and resources necessary to perform an audit.

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