Healthcare's Unique Privacy Concerns: Where Does Security Fall Short?

Healthcare's Unique Privacy Concerns: Where Does Security Fall Short?

Synchronoss' Tracy Hulver on New Identity Strategies for Connected Healthcare Threats

Attackers have healthcare entities in their crosshairs, and their favorite targets are easily compromised credentials. Tracy Hulver of Synchronoss Technologies offers new ideas for how security leaders can reduce risk and protect sensitive data by better securing identities.

In some ways, healthcare is no different than any other sector, says Hulver, Director of Identity Strategy at Synchronoss. "Everyone is in danger; all the data has a threat against it," Hulver says. "But in other ways healthcare is different because people's privacy is at the heart of healthcare information, so not only is there a financial component and motivator ... but also there's a strong privacy element as well. If there's anything that I want to keep private as a citizen or as an individual, healthcare information is at the top of that [list]."

Download this interview transcript on how to strengthen identity management in healthcare by learning:

  • Common characteristics of healthcare breaches;
  • Why healthcare entities have been slow to embrace multifactor authentication;
  • How to gain business support for new ID management solutions.

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