Demystifying the Dark Web: the Truth About What It Is, and Isn't

Demystifying the Dark Web: the Truth About What It Is, and Isn't

The dark web is one of the most commonly occurring, but most poorly defined terms in information security. The dark web is actually smaller than most of the mythology would have you believe. Another common myth is that the dark web is entirely used for criminal activities. While criminal activities do abound, anonymizing overlay networks such as Tor also play an important role in protecting free speech around the world.

In this whitepaper, learn the truth about what the dark web is...and isn't. Explore the author's insights into whether or not you should be concerned about it as part of your proactive defense strategy, and how to approach monitoring and remediation if your content appears on the dark web.

Read further and you will:

  • Differentiate fact from fiction about the dark web, its size, and breadth of criminal activity.
  • Take a tour of the dark web and assess your level of concern about your own security risks.
  • Understand your options on how to find your content on the dark web through monitoring techniques.

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