Workplace Violence: Reduce the Threats Against Your Institution's Employees

Workplace Violence: Reduce the Threats Against Your Institution's Employees
Do you know how prevalent workplace violence is?

There are over 1.7 million instances of workplace violence each year in the U.S., including simple and aggravated assaults, robbery, rape and homicide. In addition, issues surrounding workplace violence include threats, non-fatal injuries, lost work productivity, legal liability, economic impact, and other costs. The burden of workplace violence is not assumed by only the victims of the violence, but also by their co-workers, families and employers.

Register for this webinar for exclusive advice from an attorney and crisis management consultant who has an extensive background in dealing with issues of violence. Gain her insight on how to effectively prevent, respond to and recover from an incident of workplace violence, including:

What workplace violence actually is
How to create appropriate policies and procedures
How to effectively respond to an incident
How to provide support to your employees after an incident


What is the likelihood that one of your employees will be held up at gun point? Or that a customer of yours will be attacked?

Do you have someone in your workplace who may be dealing with abuse at home? Given that nearly 31% of women report having been abused by a spouse or partner, and nearly 25% of women have reported that they have been raped or physically assaulted by a spouse or partner, the probability is pretty high. Could that abuse pour over into the workplace?

Do you ever have an employee work late? Imagine that she's the only one left in the office, which she has left a thousand times on her own. As she reaches her car, exhausted, she fumbles for her keys. As she unlocks her door, she is surprised by a man who was crouching beside the car. He proceeds to rape her and leave her to be found by the security guard as he makes his rounds of the parking lot.

Or, what about the disgruntled ex-employee who comes back, wanting to "get even" with the person who fired him, or worse -- the fellow employees who "got him fired?"

What happens when that extremist animal rights group that was peacefully picketing your headquarters because your organization financed a product that uses animal testing suddenly turns violent and you have civil unrest on your hands?

These are just a few examples of the types of workplace violence that exist today. Is your organization prepared to deal with these situations, and many more? If not, attend this webinar to help you begin to formulate a plan for incorporating workplace violence into your overall business continuity plan.

In this exclusive webinar, hear from Kim Matlon, an attorney and crisis management consultant who specializes in violence prevention and awareness strategies.

Understand the importance of creating a workplace violence prevention, response and recovery program. Listen to Ms. Matlon's practical, hands-on advice to help your institution determine:

Legal Liability
Warning Signs
Prevention Measures
Safety Protocols During and After an Incident
Stress Debriefing and Recovery Techniques

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