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Solving the Mobile Security Challenge

Solving the Mobile Security Challenge

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend promised to deliver enhanced productivity, convenience and flexibility to your company. However, in everyday practice, you may have found implementing BYOD has been anything but convenient. If so, you're not alone.

Companies are still searching for a BYOD security strategy that works - one that protects company data and keeps their employees happy. Join Zix Customer Jody Smith, Senior Vice President of Info Systems & Operations with First Bank of Bedias, to hear lessons learned and how she was able to meet both company needs and employee demands. Together with Steven Irons, Vice President of Corporate Sales with Zix, Jody will explore:

  • Helpful tips for mobile policy development;
  • Best practices for a successful deployment;
  • Use cases for today's BYOD solutions;
  • Alternatives to frustrating and cumbersome MDM and container solutions;
  • How Zix helped to meet company, employee and regulatory needs.


Just as mobile devices have altered the way we live, they have also altered the way we work. With 81% of employees using their phones at work, companies have stopped asking: "Is corporate data leaking from personal devices?" and started asking: "How do we effectively prevent corporate data from leaking from personal devices?" The answer has not been simple.

Various types of solutions, such as Mobile Device Management (MDM), protect corporate data by taking control of employee devices and wiping it when devices are lost or stolen. These approaches complicate employee privacy, exposing your company to employer litigation. Worse yet, they are complicated and costly to deploy and ineffective at protecting corporate data if the device is taken offline.

Find out how companies like yours are overcoming these hurdles and addressing BYOD security with a completely different approach.

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