Social Media in Healthcare: A Guide to Minimizing Your Risk

Social Media in Healthcare: A Guide to Minimizing Your Risk
Social media provide healthcare organizations with a low-cost way to communicate effectively with consumers. But using this form of communication brings with it many risks.

For example, one California hospital recently fired five employees because they used social media to post personal discussions about patients, violating their privacy.

Hospitals, clinics and others, however, can use proven methods to minimize the risks involved, helping to ensure compliance with the HITECH Act and HIPAA. Join us for this exclusive session where you'll receive.

  • An explanation of the important role social media can play in healthcare;
  • A detailed description of the security concerns, including reputational harm;
  • An analysis of the security steps healthcare organizations must take to minimize their risks and control usage.


A growing number of healthcare organizations are joining the social media revolution, taking advantage of a new, low-cost way of communicating with current and potential patients. And some technology innovators envision a day when social networks could support real-time sharing and collaboration, which could further enhance productivity.

But as is the case with all new technologies, social media bring new risks, including the potential for privacy violations. And the HITECH Act toughened penalties for violations of the HIPAA privacy and security rules, bringing a renewed sense of urgency to privacy protection.

For most healthcare organizations, however, social media is emerging as an indispensible part of their communications efforts. So how can they make the most of the new communication channels while managing the risks they pose? In this session, the lead developer of Adventist Health System's social media policy will provide timely insights about how to:

  • Understand the risks that surround social media;
  • Evaluate how social media can help your organization meet its communication needs;
  • Develop a social media policy and strategy that balances marketing, leadership, legal, human resources, compliance and security issues;
  • Develop an education plan for all team members;
  • Determine how much control of social media your organization can take onsite and offsite;
  • Learn how to balance your organization's rights to protect its assets against individuals' rights to free speech and privacy.

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