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Security Alerts: Identifying Noise vs. Signals

Security Alerts: Identifying Noise vs. Signals

For anyone working in a security operations center, this is a familiar picture: lots of alerts, but not enough analysts; too many disparate tools to manage effectively; not enough visibility, and too little context to make fast decisions. What if you could change the status quo? How are organizations today taking steps to separate the signal from the noise?

Join the CSO of Resolution1, Justin Harvey, for a discussion around:

  • The challenges of separating security signals from the noise;
  • Best practices for utilizing your limited security resources;
  • How to leverage state-of-the-art technology to improve the prioritization of security alerts for human review.


CIOs and CISOs invest millions of dollars to secure their organization and keep would-be attackers out of their networks. But despite these investments, determined attackers routinely breach seemingly secure organizations and steal their intellectual property and financial assets, negatively impacting the financial well-being and reputation of the organization.

Analysts in security operations centers (SOCs), tasked with reviewing and triaging dozens of alerts every hour, struggle to quickly validate whether a suspected incident is real or not and receive little context on the potential impact. Their network security solutions are not linked to endpoints so analysts are blind to all but the most basic information about whether servers, laptops, mobile devices and workstations across their organization are or have been breached or are being used as a launch point - making it challenging for analysts to connect the dots or know where to allocate their limited resources in order to respond appropriately to a suspected alert.

The net result is analysts often miss the most critical attacks or detect them long after vital data has been exfiltrated. Why? Signs of an initial attack can be stealthy and are difficult to differentiate from regular alert noise; shear number of material alerts makes it near impossible to respond to all of them; manual triage processes slow teams down; and compounding the issue, delayed response times and inaccurately prioritized alerts create a gap that attackers use to gain a foothold and roam freely across a network.

What if you could change the status quo? What if you had the ability to make changes today that could set you on the path to creating your own SOC-topia?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to identify the challenges;
  • Options for overcoming the challenges;
  • Best practices you can implement;
  • Simple tips & tricks.

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