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Proactive DDoS Defense: Steps to Take Before the Attack

Proactive DDoS Defense: Steps to Take Before the Attack

Over the past year, sophisticated DDoS attacks have evolved as a tool of disruption and distraction, causing online outages, customer inconvenience, and reputational damage across all industries and geographies. There is no sign these attacks will cease - in fact, they will likely grow. How can you protect your site availability, information assets, and brand - even before you're attacked?

Nucleus Research conducted interviews with leading organizations to learn how they leverage cloud solutions to achieve defense. Register for this session and join a discussion with Nucleus Research and Akamai about:

  • The latest DDoS trends;
  • Proven DDoS protection solutions;
  • How to protect your organization's application performance, brand, and revenue.


Sony. Spamhaus. Nearly 50 U.S. banks. These are just some of the best known victims of the recent waves of sophisticated distributed-denial-of-service attacks. At best, these attacks distracted security personnel and drew resources away from other tasks. At worst, the DDoS attacks disrupted online operations, causing customer inconvenience, reputational damage and the risk that other crimes might be committed while security teams were engaged in DDoS mitigation.

As a result of these high-profile attacks, DDoS has emerged as a powerful weapon - against any organization, particularly within a nation's critical infrastructure. Organizations in all sectors now face great risk from increasingly frequent and sophisticated attempts to render Web properties unavailable, and steal intellectual property or personally identifiable information.

As a DDoS mitigation leader , Akamai extends security beyond the data center. Akamai security customers leverage the Akamai Intelligent Platform to protect their web properties. The cloud based its always-on solution can improve detection, identification, and mitigation of DDoS attacks while preserving site performance and availability.

Boston-based Nucleus Research has just conducted a study of Akamai's security solution, Kona Site Defender, developing new insight on Kona's ability to reduce business disruption, improve application response times, and protect brand and reputation.

In this session, Akamai and Nucleus Research thought-leaders will participate in an interactive discussion touching on:

  • What we've learned from recent DDoS attacks;
  • Key qualities of successful DDoS mitigation solutions;
  • What every organization can do to ensure DDoS protection before a crippling attack.

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