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Integrating Single Sign-On with Existing IAM Infrastructure
Integrating Single Sign-On with Existing IAM Infrastructure

According to Verizon, 81% of hacking-related breaches involve either stolen and/or weak passwords. By eliminating multiple passwords and individual application log-ins, Single Sign-On (SSO) not only improves security posture, but significantly increases IT efficiency and user productivity.

While Single Sign-On solutions can benefit all parties within an enterprise, implementation can be a lofty process for companies that operate under a wide range of applications and identities or have previously used legacy approaches for identity and access management.

Presenters Michael Gleason of OneLogin and Nathan Lam of Box (previously Uber and IBM) will present case studies demonstrating successful implementation of traditional controls to a unified IAM framework.

Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Integrate SSO with other security controls such as API, CASB, SIEM, and MFA
  • Bridge on-premises and cloud security
  • Control employee, partner, customer, and HCM identities in a cloud environment

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