Business Continuity for Hospitals

Business Continuity for Hospitals
As the healthcare industry moves from paper to electronic records, it must transition its disaster recovery and emergency operations processes. But what are the essential elements of a comprehensive 21st century business continuity plan for hospitals?

In this webinar, the chief information security officer at a hospital that coped with tornadoes that ravaged Alabama offers insights on such topics as:

  • Why it makes sense to use a new approach that relies on co-located real-time operations;
  • Lessons learned from the Alabama tornado experience;
  • How to test a disaster recovery plan.

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Hospitals store massive amounts of information, ranging from diagnostic images to electronic health records, in large racks of file servers and mainframes within their data centers.

Every data center is subject to interruptions of service, both large and small. Such interruptions may involve equipment failures, utility interruptions, power outages, fires, floods or a major disaster that impacts an entire community. And hospitals cannot afford outages or loss of connectivity when patients' lives are at stake.

Organizations that rely on the restoration of large data transfers from tape may find that strategy doesn't work with the high volumes of data generated by electronic health records and other applications. Instead, they should look to continuous operations with replication of data to remotely located sites, a strategy known as "co-location."

In this session, Terrell Herzig, information security officer at UAB Medicine, will provide timely, practical tips. You'll get a:

  • Detailed explanation of the "co-location" strategy;
  • Description of why every hospital needs a disaster recovery plan that can be activated in the event of a communitywide disaster;
  • Review of important lessons learned in coping with the Alabama tornadoes, including the importance of cross-training staff;
  • Guide to how to set recovery objectives;
  • Explanation of the most important infrastructure considerations;
  • Summary of advice on how to test a business continuity plan;

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