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Cyber Fail: Can You Trust Hallucinating Chatbots?

Experts Tackle AI Growing Pains, Deepfakes, Ransomware Fails and More
Watch ISMG host Anna Delaney and our panel of experts in this episode of "Cyber Fail."

Welcome to Cyber Fail - ISMG's roundup of all that's broken in the world of cybersecurity - where our experts uncover fails so we can all strengthen our defenses. Today, we take on deepfakes, hallucinating chatbots and why you should never put your trust in a ransomware gang.

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In this episode:

  • Deepfake Disarray. Russian and Crimean viewers recently watched a deepfake likeness of President Vladimir Putin on their TV screens declaring martial law and warning about Ukraine launching an all-out offensive. Russia blamed Ukrainian hackers intent on sewing unrest. Our experts examine just how fragile the media and our reality really are in the age of deepfakes.
  • Alternative Breach Facts. Blackbaud, a South Carolina-based cloud-hosting service for charities, just couldn't get its story straight after a ransomware breach. It cost the company $3 million in U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission fines, and the company recently agreed to pay $49.5 million to settle claims by 49 state attorneys general. We’ll cover what to do - and not do - when ransomware hits.
  • Hallucinating Chatbots. For some reason, generative AI bots just can't stop making up things when they don't know the answer. Engineers call these lapses in truth "AI hallucinations" - while the rest of us simply call them "lies." Can technologists fix these lapses in the truth? Can we trust the results? Our experts weigh in.
  • When AI Grows Up. Two of the three godfathers of artificial intelligence fear the world is not ready for the rapid pace of AI advancements and this emerging technology could do massive harm. From AI overlords to global annihilation, our experts debate what might happen when AI grows up.
  • Hacking the Hackers. U.S., German and Dutch law enforcement agencies infiltrated the notorious Hive ransomware group network and helped 300 victims avoid paying $130 million in demanded extortion payments. Congratulations to the law enforcement community for this Cyber Fix.

Be sure to catch Anna Delaney, director of productions, ISMG, and our special guests for the next episode of "Cyber Fail."

Special Guests

  • Chase Cunningham, Dr. Zero Trust, podcaster, security adviser
  • Richard Bird, CSO, Traceable
  • Quentyn Taylor, senior director, information security, EMEA, Canon
  • Marcin Szczepanik, CISO, Essar Oil
  • Thom Langford, director, (TL)2 Security

ISMG contributors: Tom Field, senior vice president, editorial, ISMG, and Rashmi Ramesh, assistant editor, ISMG.

About the Author

Anna Delaney

Anna Delaney

Director, ISMG Productions

An experienced broadcast journalist, Delaney conducts interviews with senior cybersecurity leaders around the world. Previously, she was editor-in-chief of the website for The European Information Security Summit, or TEISS. Earlier, she worked at Levant TV and Resonance FM and served as a researcher at the BBC and ITV in their documentary and factual TV departments.

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