6 Important Steps to Choosing a Web Security Solution
6 Important Steps to Choosing a Web Security Solution Before purchasing a web filtering solution, you need to be prepared to account for all your organization's security needs.

Download this white paper for insight into:

  • How to determine what is considered acceptable and unacceptable Internet activity
  • The ideal deployment for all web filtering solutions
  • How some web filtering solutions can only identify individuals, while others will both identify and authenticate
  • Choosing a web filtering solution that increases productivity and bandwidth, while mitigating security threats and limiting legal/financial liabilities
By choosing a web filter that not only installs easily, but requires no additional software or hardware while seamlessly integrating with your network, it can offer latency-free performance and keep IT admin tasks at a minimum. Beneficially, it allows you to shave thousands of dollars off your IT budget while providing your organization with comprehensive protection from Internet-based threats.

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